Dare I Say…

….week one of Operation Back – to – School is almost complete and we survived! 

And they're off!

And they’re off!

Just today, I was able to come up for air.  Between work deadlines, and two PTO events, and meetings and sport practices – it’s been quite a week.

But I know I am not alone.  Facebook (you know, the barometer of how happy we really are 😉 ) had much to share with first day photos and even some very funny and clever less happy – second day photos.   Based on my news feed, everyone seemed to be frazzled, but enjoying the craziness of it all.

And while I am still delirious with glee, I am not ashamed to say that  I was forced to make the children’s sandwich on hamburger rolls that I luckily found iced over in the freezer because I ran out of bread this morning (thank you microwave defrost button).

Hey – don’t judge.  I made it to Thursday with great lunches and lunch box notes of love.

Of course, I am sure in due time I am going to be scrapping around the fridge for not only bread but filler for the sandwich too, but until then, I will relish in the success of the week.

So hats off to all my fellow parents who made it through their first week of school.  A job well done, my friend.  A job well done!

CC Fowler


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