Date Night, On Me!

So I normally don’t host give-a-ways on this blog, but it turns out that I have a  $30 Groupon for Tortugas Cocina in Lambertville, NJ that expires this Saturday, September 28th.  I purchased the Groupon over one year ago and forgot all about it.  My loss will be your gain.

Since I cannot redeem this before the 28th, I thought I would share this with you.  Consider it a date night (albeit cheap) on me.  Not only is Tortuga’s Cocina  voted the #1 Mexican restaurant in Lambertville, the area is so beautiful during this time of year.  Good Luck!

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Sometimes, Life is not Fair

MP900438811As parents, we do everything in our power to make things perfect for our children.  We try to live in the best school systems.  We try to make sure they are well-rounded and have access to various opportunities.  We also go so far as to impede on our personal sanity to provide them with the very best.

But sometimes, there is only so much we can do.  Our children will need to learn to fail or make difficult decisions.  Sure we can coddle them, but in the end we must remember that what doesn’t kill them makes them stronger.

As my daughter recently learned…..”sometimes, life is not fair.”

…………and that my friends can be a valuable piece of knowledge for her to know as she grows up.  As much as we want to fix it, we should be cautious in how we do so.

Dare I Say…

….week one of Operation Back – to – School is almost complete and we survived! 

And they're off!

And they’re off!

Just today, I was able to come up for air.  Between work deadlines, and two PTO events, and meetings and sport practices – it’s been quite a week.

But I know I am not alone.  Facebook (you know, the barometer of how happy we really are 😉 ) had much to share with first day photos and even some very funny and clever less happy – second day photos.   Based on my news feed, everyone seemed to be frazzled, but enjoying the craziness of it all.

And while I am still delirious with glee, I am not ashamed to say that  I was forced to make the children’s sandwich on hamburger rolls that I luckily found iced over in the freezer because I ran out of bread this morning (thank you microwave defrost button).

Hey – don’t judge.  I made it to Thursday with great lunches and lunch box notes of love.

Of course, I am sure in due time I am going to be scrapping around the fridge for not only bread but filler for the sandwich too, but until then, I will relish in the success of the week.

So hats off to all my fellow parents who made it through their first week of school.  A job well done, my friend.  A job well done!

CC Fowler

Which Team Are You On?

Outfits are chosen.

School supplies patiently sit in the backpacks waiting to be used.

My pen – which will fill out and sign way too much paperwork – is selected and guaranteed to make this chore less painful.

Photo credit someecards

Photo credit someecards

In our neck of the woods, school begins next Monday.  But with Labor Day behind us, and summer math and reading assignments yet to be completed, this week is very much what I would think getting stuck in purgatory would feel like.

AND because the kids are nowhere near the age of being left home alone – this Momma gets to take the week off from work.

Can you guess?  I am on Team SCHOOL CAN’T START SOON ENOUGH.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love summer, the great memories we get to create with the kids and I even relish that I get this last week to spend with them before they embark on their school year.  BUT, (there is always a but) I am ready for school to begin.  I excited to send them off to school.

Off to normal routine schedules.  Off to daily conversations with their friends.  Off to daily activities that help their minds grow and nourish.

On Facebook today, the teams are very much mixed.   After the tears are shed and the pictures are snapped, it’s difficult to determine which team -Team SCHOOL CAN’T START SOON ENOUGH or Team PLEASE GIVE ME ONE MORE WEEK – is in the lead.

So I ask you – which “team” are you on and why?

CC Fowler

It will be a Fast Walk, at Best

photoWhen I decided to do this – it seemed like a great idea.  The event date was months away and I had all the time in the world to prepare.

I would embark on this adventure with my daughter in hopes to spark her interest and share in a special memory.

On the eve of this adventure, event – I am just hopeful we finish before nightfall.

At best, we will complete the Color Run with a fast walking pace.

The race is off at 8am.

Yeah, I am excited.  My very first 5K and I am “running” with my daughter.

It’s never too late, right?

CC Fowler