Dare I Say…

….week one of Operation Back – to – School is almost complete and we survived! 

And they're off!

And they’re off!

Just today, I was able to come up for air.  Between work deadlines, and two PTO events, and meetings and sport practices – it’s been quite a week.

But I know I am not alone.  Facebook (you know, the barometer of how happy we really are 😉 ) had much to share with first day photos and even some very funny and clever less happy – second day photos.   Based on my news feed, everyone seemed to be frazzled, but enjoying the craziness of it all.

And while I am still delirious with glee, I am not ashamed to say that  I was forced to make the children’s sandwich on hamburger rolls that I luckily found iced over in the freezer because I ran out of bread this morning (thank you microwave defrost button).

Hey – don’t judge.  I made it to Thursday with great lunches and lunch box notes of love.

Of course, I am sure in due time I am going to be scrapping around the fridge for not only bread but filler for the sandwich too, but until then, I will relish in the success of the week.

So hats off to all my fellow parents who made it through their first week of school.  A job well done, my friend.  A job well done!

CC Fowler


Which Team Are You On?

Outfits are chosen.

School supplies patiently sit in the backpacks waiting to be used.

My pen – which will fill out and sign way too much paperwork – is selected and guaranteed to make this chore less painful.

Photo credit someecards

Photo credit someecards

In our neck of the woods, school begins next Monday.  But with Labor Day behind us, and summer math and reading assignments yet to be completed, this week is very much what I would think getting stuck in purgatory would feel like.

AND because the kids are nowhere near the age of being left home alone – this Momma gets to take the week off from work.

Can you guess?  I am on Team SCHOOL CAN’T START SOON ENOUGH.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love summer, the great memories we get to create with the kids and I even relish that I get this last week to spend with them before they embark on their school year.  BUT, (there is always a but) I am ready for school to begin.  I excited to send them off to school.

Off to normal routine schedules.  Off to daily conversations with their friends.  Off to daily activities that help their minds grow and nourish.

On Facebook today, the teams are very much mixed.   After the tears are shed and the pictures are snapped, it’s difficult to determine which team -Team SCHOOL CAN’T START SOON ENOUGH or Team PLEASE GIVE ME ONE MORE WEEK – is in the lead.

So I ask you – which “team” are you on and why?

CC Fowler

Connected with …

dai un bacione alla piccola….digli che arriva da Roma….

Goldfish KissingSay what you will about Facebook.  I can tolerate the “look at me posts”,  the “so not-tongue-in-cheek” comments and the political mumbo-jumbo of the entire platform.  What it comes down to – the true beauty of this beast – is its absolute connectivity.

The phrase above translates to: “Give the little one a kiss and let her know it arrived from Rome”.

Can you think of a better message to receive?

Thank you Facebook.

Facebook Changed Me

facebook_logoHello.  My name is CC Fowler and I have been a Facebook user since 2006.

I joined shortly after my second child was born and truth be told, I joined to see what old friends I lost touch with were up to.  Once I had found everyone I thought I wanted to find, my usage and purpose for Facebook evolved.  With my curiosity satiated, I began to delete “friends” who clearly were connected to me for the same reasons I was connected to them – to be nosy.  There was no loved lost and it seemed I was not alone in this action.  I was deleted by many a-friends too and quite honestly, it felt good.

But with as many “friends” as I deleted, I gained many more.

My relationship with Facebook again morphed into a phase which clearly mirrored my life at that time.  Deciding the housing market was officially kaput, Hubby and I decided to set our roots and become part of our local community.  And with this move came a new slew of friends – local friends, parents of my children’s friends and neighbors too.  It was the perfect tool to stay connected and keep track of what was cooking locally.  It is still to this day, one my favorite parts of Facebook.

But nothing ever stays the same and yet another phase began to take over.

In 2011, Facebook prompted my alias life of CC Fowler – the blogger.  Why write a status about motherhood or being a mother who freely chose to return to work when I could write a post?   Why not share my experiences with those who were about to embark, were already sharing the ride or just deciding to take this crazy roller coaster of motherhood journey. With that, Centraljerseyworkingmoms was born.  Through this phase of Facebook, I have met and made more “friends” – many of whom I respect and treasure.  In fact, we became friends after we met on Facebook!   Who would have ever thought!  Certainly not me.

Seven years later – 7 years ( I can hardly believe it’s been seven years) – Facebook is a part of my every day life.  I use it to catch up with friends.  I use it for work.  I use it like I use my coffee machine – every day and often.  I can remember approaching the Executive Director of my company suggesting we create a company Facebook page.  It was a rejected idea that eventually was accepted.  Today, I administer six company pages.

Nothing places a smile on my face faster than and old friend sharing a birthday of their parent or the announcement of the birth of a child.  News I would not be privy to if I was not on Facebook.  Sure, there are times (many in fact) where reading a “friend’s” post will send me into a tizzy, but over the years I have come to learn these posts are “friends” trying to communicate who they are (or want us to believe they are) and they have just as much right to enjoy their dose of Facebook as much as I (see the joys of “unfriending” earlier in this post).

Only time will tell how Facebook will impact me – my view of society – others perceptions of me – and my perceptions of others.  But until then, I am CC Fowler and I’m a Facebook user.

Now how about a vague post to draw out a response?

Pinterest – You Loose this Valentine’s Day!

photo(3)I am not certain that I can still blame Super Storm Sandy, but I feel like I am in perpetual catch-up mode.  Just last week, I realized that Ash Wednesday was less than one week away and Valentine’s Day was hot on its tail.  Sure I posted on my Facebook page cute crafts and ideas for children to do, but at the time of posting I assumed I had plenty of time to get my act together.


Sunday night I realized that the adorable crafts and cards I intended to let the children pretend to do was just not going to happen.  Between the chaos that is life, there was no way I could swing adding “making valentine cards” to the list.  So shortly after my epiphany, I found myself at Michael’s Craft Store with discounted Valentine supplies in my hand.  Armed with one box per child and one extra for mistakes, I brought home the easy-peasy Valentine crafts.  I am not certain these crafts were made with the intention of being cards, but they fit my need and most importantly, my children were able to put them together ALL BY THEMSELVES.

So Pinterest, with all of your allure of adorable crafts and cards and homemade gifts for teachers – you loose this round.  My sanity and my precious time out-smarted you.  Now mind you, I still sat for close to one hour spelling the names of 20 children and the words “to” and “from” for my Little Man, but I assure you, the pleasure and satisfaction of seeing both Little Man and his older sister create and put together their own Valentine Day cards was well worth it.