What’s Cooking?

ImageWell, it’s certainly not dinner!  In fact, most nights my clan eats in shifts because of varied practices, work commitments, games and lessons and so on.  These days, we sometimes have just two nights in a week where we can sit together as a family and enjoy a warm cooked meal.  And I must share with you – this makes me sad.

Growing up, dinner was such a big part of my day.  Each night, we sat the table and I shared every painful detail of my day, barely letting my poor brother get in a word edgewise. And while I had no idea at the time, those dinner conversations kept us grounded and out of trouble.

So how do I now, as a parent, provide the same opportunity for my kids?

One thing is for certain – on the rare one or two days that we do all sit together for dinner, both kids are fighting for the floor.  Sure, it would be great to have dinner together each night, but in our current environment, this is just not feasible.  So instead of beating myself up, I make the most of the two nights we do gather around our table (which by the way, is an AWESOME farmhouse table my hubby decided one day to build!) and for lack of a better phrase – we shoot the shit.

photo-2I make sure everyone has at least one dish that is their favorite on the menu (and in some instance, their favorite take out) and I make sure everyone gets a turn to share their day.

My children may not realize it now, but dinner at the table – together – will make a difference in the long run.

So my advice to all those juggling parents who feel the same way:

Set aside just one night and eat together. If you can cook something, great.  If not, fast food or delivery or even a bowl of cereal will do.  Just sit together and talk.  I promise – it will be the best meal you eat.





Grill More Girls – Surf and Turf

I had envisioned an elegant dinner out.  Romantic. Candlelit. Flowers.  But then I realized, this is my Hubby’s birthday dinner and quite frankly, not his ideal way to celebrate.  So despite offering a more “manly” birthday dinner out, he requested a cozy dinner home with our two kids.  How could I refuse such a request?

And what was his request?  Surf and Turf.

So this week, I give you a very easy and simple Surf and Turf recipe.

While not the most economical dinner to make, it certainly worth every penny.  The morning of Hubby’s birthday, I paid a little visit to the butcher and asked for four of his finest pieces of filet mignon.  As I placed the meats in my cart and gulped at the prices, I decided two of the four pieces would be placed in the freezer for another special day.  Kids were having hot dogs tonight!

Next, I walked over to the seafood section and was greeted by our supermarket’s very own Gordon Fisherman.  He is the most delightful character in the store and always looks like he just stepped off the fishing boat.  Needless to say, lobster tails were not on sale (despite reading recently that the cost of lobster was falling) and you guessed it….children would be dining on tilapia tonight.  But after looking at the sticker price of the lobster tails……”….hey kids…..how tasty are those fish sticks!”

I completed the meal with mashed potatoes and fresh spinach.  Sadly, it poured as the meat was grilled and I opted to make the lobster in the broiler but the meal was delicious and Hubby was happy!


Cut and boil potatoes and prepare to your liking.

Surf & Turf

While the potatoes are cooking……

Grilling Filet Mignon – Rub kosher salt and sprinkle pepper on both sides of the cut of meat.  Grill on each side for 8 to 10 minutes.

Lobster Tail – Peel off the shell and cut the tail down its center and broil for 11 minutes.

As both are cooking, throw the fresh spinach for 2 minutes.  Once cooked, toss the spinach with a tablespoon of olive oil, a clove of garlic and dash of salt.

Once everything is plated, you can squeeze fresh lemon or prepare a small cup of melted butter for the lobster!

oh….and the kids did, in fact, share this meal with us!
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Buon Appetito!