It will be a Fast Walk, at Best

photoWhen I decided to do this – it seemed like a great idea.  The event date was months away and I had all the time in the world to prepare.

I would embark on this adventure with my daughter in hopes to spark her interest and share in a special memory.

On the eve of this adventure, event – I am just hopeful we finish before nightfall.

At best, we will complete the Color Run with a fast walking pace.

The race is off at 8am.

Yeah, I am excited.  My very first 5K and I am “running” with my daughter.

It’s never too late, right?

CC Fowler


What I did on my Summer Vacation

Ahh yes.  The obligatory What I did on my Summer Vacation! post.

Seems only fitting I get a head start on this post since I am sure my help will be needed when this arrives as the Back-to-School assignment in September when the kids return to class.

Despite the brevity which seemed to dominate the summer, the family and I made the most of it.

photo (3)Jersey Shore.

Nights around the fire pit.

Family and friends enjoying ample BBQ’s in our backyard.

Summer camp.


Table-making (me watching and hubby making) and gardening.

Dinners Al fresco.

Bike rides and having the puberty talk with my daughter.

Hey, isn’t that part of everyone’s bucket list? (kidding of course)

Suffice it to say, we have had a very full summer.

But as the summer comes to a close and September is at hand, I “gotta” admit – I AM READY!

I gladly welcome the cooler nights, structured weeks and less I Am Bored chanting.

So beginning next week, you’ll hear a little more from me than you have in the past months.  Sure, juggling work and the children’s schedule will be hectic, but thanks to the updated design of this blog, I am going to give this another whirl.  Hop on and enjoy this wild ride of motherhood with me!

CC Fowler

A Funny Kind of Writer’s Block

Yes, I have it.  Writer’s block.

It’s not traditional writer’s block in the sense that I have nothing to say.  I have plenty to say.

My writer’s block is a Funny Kind of Writer’s Block.  As my children get older and busier, so does life and everything that accompanies it.  And just when I sit down to write or I come up with a post I want to share, I am pulled away.

For a good portion of the life of this blog, I was posting several times a week.  These days, I am lucky to sit here once – if that.

And surprisingly, I am welcoming this change.

Six Weeks and Counting

I believe many would agree Summer 2013 is flying by.  And thus far, my family and Boy Swinging in a Tire SwingI have checked off quite a few items on our to-do list while making memories along the way.

Sure I would love for summer to last forever, but what fun would that be?  Without autumn, you could not appreciate winter.  And without winter, you could not appreciate spring.  And without………well, you get the idea, right?

Anyhow, there are six unofficial weeks left to summer.  For many of us, Back to School marks the end of summer and this year, it begins an entire week later (thank you Jewish calendar).

So make the next six weeks last by sitting on your front porch just a moment or two longer.  Let the kids linger in the yard a few minutes past bedtime.  Take the scenic route home and enjoy the night sky under the twinkling stars.  Because sweater weather is just six weeks away and counting…..

Our Fascination With the Royal Baby

PicMonkey CollageThere is – We’ve been on pins and needles – Team

And – We can’t understand why anyone really cares – Team

Regardless of what team you are on, the news today is ripe with the Royal Birth.   And in case you are living under a rock, Duchess Kate and Prince William welcomed a boy.

So what exactly is our fascination with this couple?  I have several thoughts on this.

Who doesn’t love a fairy tale?  Common girl marries Prince and they live happily ever after.  Add to this story that both the Prince and the Duchess seem so very down to earth – it doesn’t get any better than this.

But is that the reason?

I have another theory.

(For me anyway), I feel like am watching a friend of a friend of a friend (aka total stranger) continue his life despite loosing his mother at young age.  I was six-years old when Prince William was born and vaguely remember the event.  However, I clearly remember the death of his mother when I was just a college student.  It was one of those events you remember where you were the moment you heard.  In the years following Princess Diana’s death, I could not help but feel I was cheering for both Princes to “make it”.  So seeing Prince William find what appears to be true love (I am a romantic at heart) and now start a family – well, I’d like to think his mother spirit is smiling.

This fairy tale is far from over, I am certain.  There may be more babies, more weddings and more royal fodder from across the pond in the years to come.  And yep, I will be following!

I was on Team Pins and Needles.  You?