What’s Cooking?

ImageWell, it’s certainly not dinner!  In fact, most nights my clan eats in shifts because of varied practices, work commitments, games and lessons and so on.  These days, we sometimes have just two nights in a week where we can sit together as a family and enjoy a warm cooked meal.  And I must share with you – this makes me sad.

Growing up, dinner was such a big part of my day.  Each night, we sat the table and I shared every painful detail of my day, barely letting my poor brother get in a word edgewise. And while I had no idea at the time, those dinner conversations kept us grounded and out of trouble.

So how do I now, as a parent, provide the same opportunity for my kids?

One thing is for certain – on the rare one or two days that we do all sit together for dinner, both kids are fighting for the floor.  Sure, it would be great to have dinner together each night, but in our current environment, this is just not feasible.  So instead of beating myself up, I make the most of the two nights we do gather around our table (which by the way, is an AWESOME farmhouse table my hubby decided one day to build!) and for lack of a better phrase – we shoot the shit.

photo-2I make sure everyone has at least one dish that is their favorite on the menu (and in some instance, their favorite take out) and I make sure everyone gets a turn to share their day.

My children may not realize it now, but dinner at the table – together – will make a difference in the long run.

So my advice to all those juggling parents who feel the same way:

Set aside just one night and eat together. If you can cook something, great.  If not, fast food or delivery or even a bowl of cereal will do.  Just sit together and talk.  I promise – it will be the best meal you eat.





Sometimes, Life is not Fair

MP900438811As parents, we do everything in our power to make things perfect for our children.  We try to live in the best school systems.  We try to make sure they are well-rounded and have access to various opportunities.  We also go so far as to impede on our personal sanity to provide them with the very best.

But sometimes, there is only so much we can do.  Our children will need to learn to fail or make difficult decisions.  Sure we can coddle them, but in the end we must remember that what doesn’t kill them makes them stronger.

As my daughter recently learned…..”sometimes, life is not fair.”

…………and that my friends can be a valuable piece of knowledge for her to know as she grows up.  As much as we want to fix it, we should be cautious in how we do so.

Which Team Are You On?

Outfits are chosen.

School supplies patiently sit in the backpacks waiting to be used.

My pen – which will fill out and sign way too much paperwork – is selected and guaranteed to make this chore less painful.

Photo credit someecards

Photo credit someecards

In our neck of the woods, school begins next Monday.  But with Labor Day behind us, and summer math and reading assignments yet to be completed, this week is very much what I would think getting stuck in purgatory would feel like.

AND because the kids are nowhere near the age of being left home alone – this Momma gets to take the week off from work.

Can you guess?  I am on Team SCHOOL CAN’T START SOON ENOUGH.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love summer, the great memories we get to create with the kids and I even relish that I get this last week to spend with them before they embark on their school year.  BUT, (there is always a but) I am ready for school to begin.  I excited to send them off to school.

Off to normal routine schedules.  Off to daily conversations with their friends.  Off to daily activities that help their minds grow and nourish.

On Facebook today, the teams are very much mixed.   After the tears are shed and the pictures are snapped, it’s difficult to determine which team -Team SCHOOL CAN’T START SOON ENOUGH or Team PLEASE GIVE ME ONE MORE WEEK – is in the lead.

So I ask you – which “team” are you on and why?

CC Fowler

What I did on my Summer Vacation

Ahh yes.  The obligatory What I did on my Summer Vacation! post.

Seems only fitting I get a head start on this post since I am sure my help will be needed when this arrives as the Back-to-School assignment in September when the kids return to class.

Despite the brevity which seemed to dominate the summer, the family and I made the most of it.

photo (3)Jersey Shore.

Nights around the fire pit.

Family and friends enjoying ample BBQ’s in our backyard.

Summer camp.


Table-making (me watching and hubby making) and gardening.

Dinners Al fresco.

Bike rides and having the puberty talk with my daughter.

Hey, isn’t that part of everyone’s bucket list? (kidding of course)

Suffice it to say, we have had a very full summer.

But as the summer comes to a close and September is at hand, I “gotta” admit – I AM READY!

I gladly welcome the cooler nights, structured weeks and less I Am Bored chanting.

So beginning next week, you’ll hear a little more from me than you have in the past months.  Sure, juggling work and the children’s schedule will be hectic, but thanks to the updated design of this blog, I am going to give this another whirl.  Hop on and enjoy this wild ride of motherhood with me!

CC Fowler

What is a Mother to do?

Maybe it’s the less structured camp days led by college kids.

Maybe it’s the sweat clogging their ears.

Maybe it’s the giddy feeling that IS Summer Vacation.

Whatever it is, it’s driving me insane.

When it comes to asking my children to do, say, go anywhere – I am luckily if I am repeating myself less than three times.  And don’t get me started on personal hygiene!

“I’ll shower tomorrow,” says my chlorine-haired daughter.

“Didn’t I brush my teeth last night? I didn’t eat anything in my sleep,” says my Little Man (who remarkably is cavity free).

I know it’s summer and I am very much a proponent of being laid back and chill, but I am not digging being ignored.  So what is a mother to do?

These two......Love 'em!

These two……Love ’em!

So what is a mother to do?

So what is a mother to do?

(see, I am clearly on repeat)

This is what I did:   I turned the tables on them.  No more than 45 minutes into this non-scientific experiment did the children begin to realize what I was doing.

But sadly, the realization didn’t last long.

I am back on repeat….I am back on repeat…..I am back on repeat…….

……..Ah summer, How I love you so!