What I did on my Summer Vacation

Ahh yes.  The obligatory What I did on my Summer Vacation! post.

Seems only fitting I get a head start on this post since I am sure my help will be needed when this arrives as the Back-to-School assignment in September when the kids return to class.

Despite the brevity which seemed to dominate the summer, the family and I made the most of it.

photo (3)Jersey Shore.

Nights around the fire pit.

Family and friends enjoying ample BBQ’s in our backyard.

Summer camp.


Table-making (me watching and hubby making) and gardening.

Dinners Al fresco.

Bike rides and having the puberty talk with my daughter.

Hey, isn’t that part of everyone’s bucket list? (kidding of course)

Suffice it to say, we have had a very full summer.

But as the summer comes to a close and September is at hand, I “gotta” admit – I AM READY!

I gladly welcome the cooler nights, structured weeks and less I Am Bored chanting.

So beginning next week, you’ll hear a little more from me than you have in the past months.  Sure, juggling work and the children’s schedule will be hectic, but thanks to the updated design of this blog, I am going to give this another whirl.  Hop on and enjoy this wild ride of motherhood with me!

CC Fowler


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