Our Fascination With the Royal Baby

PicMonkey CollageThere is – We’ve been on pins and needles – Team

And – We can’t understand why anyone really cares – Team

Regardless of what team you are on, the news today is ripe with the Royal Birth.   And in case you are living under a rock, Duchess Kate and Prince William welcomed a boy.

So what exactly is our fascination with this couple?  I have several thoughts on this.

Who doesn’t love a fairy tale?  Common girl marries Prince and they live happily ever after.  Add to this story that both the Prince and the Duchess seem so very down to earth – it doesn’t get any better than this.

But is that the reason?

I have another theory.

(For me anyway), I feel like am watching a friend of a friend of a friend (aka total stranger) continue his life despite loosing his mother at young age.  I was six-years old when Prince William was born and vaguely remember the event.  However, I clearly remember the death of his mother when I was just a college student.  It was one of those events you remember where you were the moment you heard.  In the years following Princess Diana’s death, I could not help but feel I was cheering for both Princes to “make it”.  So seeing Prince William find what appears to be true love (I am a romantic at heart) and now start a family – well, I’d like to think his mother spirit is smiling.

This fairy tale is far from over, I am certain.  There may be more babies, more weddings and more royal fodder from across the pond in the years to come.  And yep, I will be following!

I was on Team Pins and Needles.  You?


2 thoughts on “Our Fascination With the Royal Baby

  1. It’s true about Diana’s death. I remember exactly where I was standing and who told me about it. I also remember Wills birth and running out for the People magazine with all his baby pics (I am older than you). I guess I was Team Pins, too, for Wills and Kate yesterday. I hope Harry turns out okay. I worry for him ! 🙂

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