What is a Mother to do?

Maybe it’s the less structured camp days led by college kids.

Maybe it’s the sweat clogging their ears.

Maybe it’s the giddy feeling that IS Summer Vacation.

Whatever it is, it’s driving me insane.

When it comes to asking my children to do, say, go anywhere – I am luckily if I am repeating myself less than three times.  And don’t get me started on personal hygiene!

“I’ll shower tomorrow,” says my chlorine-haired daughter.

“Didn’t I brush my teeth last night? I didn’t eat anything in my sleep,” says my Little Man (who remarkably is cavity free).

I know it’s summer and I am very much a proponent of being laid back and chill, but I am not digging being ignored.  So what is a mother to do?

These two......Love 'em!

These two……Love ’em!

So what is a mother to do?

So what is a mother to do?

(see, I am clearly on repeat)

This is what I did:   I turned the tables on them.  No more than 45 minutes into this non-scientific experiment did the children begin to realize what I was doing.

But sadly, the realization didn’t last long.

I am back on repeat….I am back on repeat…..I am back on repeat…….

……..Ah summer, How I love you so!


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