So What Should We Do Next? *

Life has become a series of appointments, lessons, practices and meetings to attend.  Complete one and then move on to the next.  Sometimes there is wiggle room and some days you simply wish that someone somewhere would simply add more hours to the day.

We are so accustomed to living this way that – well; we just have no idea or can’t remember how to live life in any other way.

Sitting here writing this post, I find myself on the 7th floor of a glass covered office building in the middle of central London looking out at the neighboring glass buildings and a random out-of-place gothic square structure.  I am on what the English call “holiday” – having tagged along with my husband who is London for what we all call “work”.  Taking some time out from seeing the sites (and giving my poor feet who are slaves to my lack of poor shoe selection a much-needed break) so that we both can catch up on work emails.

Glatsonbury Tor - worth the climb in flip-flops

Glatsonbury Tor – worth the climb in flip-flops

Back home in the states, the children are continuing with our routine lives thanks to the help of both my parents and in-laws.  Lunches are being packed.  Carpools to practices are being kept and all the craziness that is “Us” continues.  And yet, here, hundreds of miles away, my husband and I are –dare I say – at a loss at what to do next.  Nothing is rushed and there are no little people to run home to carpool or check homework with or repeatedly ask to shut the refrigerator door.   We can sail along the Thames, walk aimlessly around Stourhead Gardens and even have dinner at well past 8pm.

And I must share with you – I miss that life that continues back at home dearly.

In fact, I am homesick for that crazy life that is very much my very own creation.  Of course this trip will end very soon and yes, I am relishing they beauty and history that lies secretly hidden in old alley ways, but I find myself often saying how little Man would just love this commute by train or that my daughter would appreciate that the Queen lives behind those embellished steel gates.   I miss them.   Walking along Tower Bridge I can’t help but hope Little Man remembered to wear orange to school or that my daughter did well on her spelling test.

Sunset walk after dinner

Sunset walk after dinner

So to those parents who are planning a trip away – without the children;  Or to those who are packing for a business trip, I say this to you:

Enjoy your time away from the children.   Yes, you read that correctly.  Go away and enjoy.  Sure you will miss your children as much I miss them right at this very moment.  But the time spent away from them will make you better parents and the children more appreciative of what you do for them each and every day.

In a short time, I will shut down the computer and look to my husband and ask “what should we do next” and know that this time next week I will be thankful I was able to ask that question.

*written on June 7, 2013


2 thoughts on “So What Should We Do Next? *

  1. It’s so important to get away as a couple, even if it’s just an overnight. It gets easier every time you go away. 😉

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