It’s Love Hate

What I hate the most about myself… love / hate relationship with exercise.  I will find any excuse in the book to avoid it and then spend the better part of the day feeling guilty for missing it.

Most recently, I ventured to a new level of hate.  To compensate for a very busy and hectic couple of weeks, I decided to try a new workout that I could do in the comfort of my own home.  I am a sworn kettlebell fan, but with crazy schedules, I am unable to make the classes.  Sure I could make up a routine that I can follow at home, but quite honestly, I lack the discipline.

Photo credit: Insanity Program

Photo credit: Insanity Program

So I did something insane.  I began Insanity.  It’s brutal.  It’s too hard. It makes me hate exercise more than ever.  I am pretty much out of breath midway through the warm-ups and ready to puke.  But remarkably, I love it – even the moment I want to puke.

One would think that with amount of posts I have devoted to this subject matter of exercise, I would be thin and in perfect shape.  However, I am far from that.  I am plump.  I love to eat.

So for the next few weeks many of you will read posts about how awesome this program is (most likely the endorphins talking) only to find the next post ripping apart the very same program (I talked myself out of exercising).  Please know I do not suffer for short-term memory or Tourette syndrome.

I simply have a love / hate relationship with exercise.


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