Episode: Where are they Now?

I love HGTV.  House Hunters International, Property Brothers, Love it or List……regardless of which show, it is my favorite station.  So imagine my utter shock and delight when HGTV surprised me in my very own living room one year ago this week.


My Happy Place 🙂

Mom Caves, where Beth Stern and Jared Walker Dostie give a very deserving mom a room makeover, had picked me through a combination of chance and connection.  Let’s just say I may not have been the most deserving, but I have the very best husband.   For one season, 13 mothers were given new living spaces that were nothing short of spectacular.  In my completely biased opinion, it was HGTV’s best show on the air.  However, the show was never renewed and very short-lived.

Book Club

Book Club

And as was intended when the room was created, I have hosted many events in the space.  Family parties, late night drinks by the fire with the Hubby, Book Club, Girl Scout meetings, PTO planning sessions and of course Ladies Night.  Needless to say, the room has embodied the very spirit it was created for.

These days, I often am asked if I still like the room.  And I have to say – I still hate wallpaper, but not my wallpaper.    In fact, aside from adding more family photos and moving a chair to the other side of the space, the room has relatively stayed exactly the same.  It has become my room and is affectionately called the “mom cave” by the kids,  my hubby and everyone who visits.  So one year later, my room remains the same and quite honestly, I believe it will remain this way for some years to come.  I look back fondly on that week and despite suffering a wicked tax slap this past tax season, it was worth every minute.

Holiday Parties

Holiday Parties

This Mother’s Day, I believe there will be breakfast in bed, a convertible ride down to my beloved Jersey Shore for lunch, planting in the garden and a relaxing evening nestled on my couch with a good book and a fine glass of wine in my Mom Cave exactly one year since it’s completion – and I can’t think of a better way to spend the day.

Special Side Note:  During the filming of Mom Caves, my very best friend who was part of the “cast” had literally found out she was pregnant with her first child during filming. I am happy to share that today, for her very first Mother’s Day, she will be celebrating with her very handsome little man and hubby. 


3 thoughts on “Episode: Where are they Now?

  1. Thanks for the update – I’m glad to hear you are still enjoying the room.
    btw, why was there a tax slap? Was it because the IRS taxes the value provided by the show?

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