It is a 1.35 mile ride back to Town

MH900227812I did something today, I thought I would never do.  But given the fact that it’s Pay it Forward Day and in light of seeing my fellow Americans pull together during recent events, I did it.

I gave a total stranger a ride into town.

Well, let me clarify.  Not a total stranger, but a sort-of-semi-total stranger.  This person was a young woman who was attending the same class I was for the better part of the morning.  Before class started, she had mentioned in a very Danish sounding voice that she was dropped off to class.  Upon hearing her speak I thought to myself, “how very European” and “how will you return home silly girl.”

At the end of class, my question was answered when she sheepishly, yet politely asked if anyone could drive her the 1.35 mile back into town.  Apparently, walking was her intended mode of transportation and she, in advance, had checked its length ahead of time, in the event, no one would accept her offer.

So in what seemed like moments and moments of silence, I heard myself say, “Sure, I will!”   Instantly, I rationalized the following:

1. I outweigh her by at least 50 pounds so I could easily sit on her and crush her should she try to hurt me.

2. The ride back to town was on heavily traveled streets with speed restrictions of 25 miles per hour.

3. Everyone at the class was witness to this interchange so should anything happen to me, there were plenty of people for the police to interview.

4. I totally just profiled this woman – young, blond, foreign …..harmless.

5. Dam you Facebook for announcing today was National Pay it Forward Day.

As it turned out, this lovely woman was not out to kill, hurt or rob me.  She was a student studying the very same major I had back in the day and was looking to get into the field I was already in.  We did not learn much more about each other because the 1.35 mile ride back into town took no more than five minutes.   We exchanged twitter handles as I left her in town and she kindly thanked me.

I would most likely would not have offered her a ride had she been a male, but I am shocked I did offer.  As I pulled away from outside the University, I thought of how despite my better judgement saying offering rides was dangerous, my instincts were right: she was a nice person.

I hope she pays it forward today and in turn that person will pay it forward and so on and so forth.

Until then, I expect my children will not know of this story until they are privy to this blog and over the age of 18.   So should they read this having matched the previous qualifications, I say to them:

……………. I hope that I have raised you in a way to use and trust your instincts, always make sure there are witnesses ……..and see, Mommy wasn’t so boring after all.



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