March Madness Indeed

March Madness has evolved beyond the fact that #12 always beats #5 sometimes.

photo(16)Let’s begin with the weather.  Weather forecasters can’t contain their excitement with the possibility that snow is the forecast almost every other day.  It may not actually snow, but the threat is there.  And on days when snow is absent in the forecast, forecasters love to share how warm it was this time last year.  Madness.

Speaking of “where the hell is Spring”,  Poor Puxatauney Phil is being sued in Ohio.   Don’t the courts have better things to do than sue a groundhog and don’t get me started on spending tax payer’s money.  Seriously, in this day and age, I thought everyone realized “Groundhog Day” was ceremonial and not science. (It also gave us one of the best Bill Murray films, but I digress.) Madness.

And since we are on the topic of stupidity, let me take a moment to talk rudeness.  When will people realize the manner in which you respond to another human being via email is a representation of who you are in real life.  If you are having a bad day, it’s best to NOT respond to anyone whether by phone or email.  Just call it a day and hope tomorrow is better. Madness.

There are nine days left in March 2013.  There is another snow storm “in the works” for this coming Sunday and Harvard (rank #14) beat New Mexico (rank #3).  Yes, folks.  It’s March Madness.

*disclaimer* Have it be known, I know absolutely nothing about college basketball.  I know my bracket invite is meant to make the pool more fruitful financially.  However, in my years playing this silly game, I have come to learn #12 always beats #5 sometimes, Gonzaga seems to do well (and I think it’s a super cool college name) and every year I say I don’t care if I win this pool but will check the rankings at least once per hour in rounds 1 – 3.








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