Pinterest – You Loose this Valentine’s Day!

photo(3)I am not certain that I can still blame Super Storm Sandy, but I feel like I am in perpetual catch-up mode.  Just last week, I realized that Ash Wednesday was less than one week away and Valentine’s Day was hot on its tail.  Sure I posted on my Facebook page cute crafts and ideas for children to do, but at the time of posting I assumed I had plenty of time to get my act together.


Sunday night I realized that the adorable crafts and cards I intended to let the children pretend to do was just not going to happen.  Between the chaos that is life, there was no way I could swing adding “making valentine cards” to the list.  So shortly after my epiphany, I found myself at Michael’s Craft Store with discounted Valentine supplies in my hand.  Armed with one box per child and one extra for mistakes, I brought home the easy-peasy Valentine crafts.  I am not certain these crafts were made with the intention of being cards, but they fit my need and most importantly, my children were able to put them together ALL BY THEMSELVES.

So Pinterest, with all of your allure of adorable crafts and cards and homemade gifts for teachers – you loose this round.  My sanity and my precious time out-smarted you.  Now mind you, I still sat for close to one hour spelling the names of 20 children and the words “to” and “from” for my Little Man, but I assure you, the pleasure and satisfaction of seeing both Little Man and his older sister create and put together their own Valentine Day cards was well worth it.


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