A Mother’s Worst Enemy is Another Mother?

“I hate these full-time working moms”

One sentence.  One thought – made by one mother about another mother.

Last I checked, we are living in the year 2013.  We live in a country were we value freedom of speech and as tragic as it is to admit, this sentence – which appeared as a Facebook status – is the opinion of a mother who has the right to express this opinion.

However, this one simple ignorant sentence is explosive and hurtful to working mothers, stay-at-home mothers, part-time working mothers, small mothers, tall mothers, white mothers, black mothers, any and every mother. Why?

Because that one sentence pits us against each other.

I am not friends with the mother who posted this comment.  I only know that her statement bothered a friend of mine.  I am taking the time to write about this today because I want to implore to you (not just mothers, everyone) to do the following:

MH910216391Support each other and the choices we make. Set aside your jealousy of what you can and can’t accomplish and learn from each other.  You are the people who are guiding and teaching our future leaders.  Your actions mold these little people who become the big people who will lead our country.

I’ve written this post a number of times since beginning this blog.  I have learned that sometimes the most arrogant people are the loudest and most uniformed.  I feel sorry for the person who wrote that post on Facebook and I do hope that she – whatever  her situation may be – is content with her life.

To all the other mothers that are reading this post, I commend you for being fair and honest and human with each other. Share this with post with those you know and love and respect and show your support of each other’s choices.


3 thoughts on “A Mother’s Worst Enemy is Another Mother?

  1. Seriously, why can’t we as moms just all get along. What are we teaching our children with comments like that, and especially if they are little girls. Some choose to work, others have to – but just because we work doesn’t mean we are not good mommies or want the best for our children.

  2. I once had a friend say to another gal “I hate how working moms think they can just write a check instead of actual volunteering” (I was full time in corporate America – one of those annoying “check writers”). I have stayed at home with my child and worked outside the home and found each equally challenging in different ways. I find that disparaging comments generally reflect the person’s happiness with themselves and their choices.

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