Homework without Acne is Just as Bad

Last time I had homework, I had acne.

Fast Forward to present day.

Rule of thumb (I have been told) is ten minutes of homework per grade.  Therefore, in first grade, children should have ten minutes, 2nd graders should have 20 minutes, 3rd graders should be complaining with 30 minutes and – well you get the idea (not looking forward to having a 5th and 8th grader, but I digress).

photo(17)Four nights a week, my daughter is responsible to come home from school and complete her homework under the supervision of whichever grandparent is in charge.  After dinner, I review the worksheets, ask questions about what she has read and help with any studying that is needed.  On nights where there are after school activities, this proves tricky, but doable.  Luckily, it’s only my oldest doing homework and my youngest coloring in his coloring book longing for homework.

However, at the half way mark of the school year, homework seems to be increasing and my youngest is getting his wish.

Little Man is learning to read (proud mama) and is asked to read and reread a story each week.  After he reads this four-page / one-sentence per page book, we sign to ensure it was read.  Once he reaches five signatures he returns it to school for a sticker.  We are also given a list of topics to discuss with Little Man which most often take all week to complete.  Did I mention he is in Kindergarten?

Now, include additional computer homework to the list of assignments plus the occasional project and homework is suddenly taking over.

And just like that, homework is again something I need to deal with – only this time without acne.  AND it still sucks!





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