Mean Lean Beef Stew

Picture this:  Racing home to pick the kids up from the bus stop, to immediately turn around and drive one child to ballet and the other to soccer.  Repeat in reverse order and return home.  Almost 6pm, kids are beginning to work on their homework and Hubby is about to walk through the door.  What’s for dinner is on everyone’s hungry mind?

Unless I was Iron Chef-ing (the practice of cooking up meals all on one day for the week ahead) the previous Sunday, it’s either a quick pasta with butter or sandwiches on a defrosted hamburger roll from last summer.   All the while, my crock pot sits in the cabinet.

But folks, the weather is getting cold and the hours between work and after school activities and homework and dinner are short.   Whip out the crock pots, because The Harried Mom and are back – for a limited time and as our schedule permits – for some wholesome, delicious crock pot meals.

For my triumphant return to the Thursday Crock Pot Buddies, I decided to cook A Mean Lean Beef Stew.  Hearty, rich and full of nutritious goodness, this is the meal that keeps on giving.  This meal has comfort oozing with every bite and best of all – feeds a family of four at least twice.

Lean Mean Beef Stew


2 pounds of beef cubes (filet mignon is the most tender)

4 potatoes cut in cubes (skin left on b/c I am too lazy it that is where all the vitamins are)

1 bag of small carrots rinsed

1 large white onion chopped

1 pint of large cherry tomatoes

8 ounces of water

8 ounces of beef broth

2 bay leaves

salt and pepper


Take the meat and place in a large bowl.  Add a dash of salt and pepper and set aside.

Add the remaining ingredients and the meat together in the crock pot.  Take a large spoon and mix everything together.

Add another dash of salt and pepper.

Set the timer to 6 hours and forget about it until then.

The meal is best served with a loaf of warm french bread and some butter.  Suggested sides can include either rice or pasta but the meal itself is just fine without it.  So now hop on over to The Harried Mom and check out what she is cooking.  If you have a blog, link up with us and share your post here.  If you don’t have a blog, post your comments here or on Facebook and remember……

There is Always Time for a Home Cooked Meal!



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