You Made Me Smile

photo(30)Mornings, as many of you can relate, are crazy and hectic.  Who wants what for lunch – Who can’t find their shoes – Who is supposed to be where, when.  AND my personal favorite – “please sign these forms” – as they walk out the door.  But the minute the cherubs are on the bus, there is a sense of calm and peace.  Most mornings, as the children set foot on the bus, I am peeling away from the bus stop en route to work in hopes I am only a “little” late (please note, I park safely ahead of the stop so as not to violate any laws).

One recent morning, as my oldest was about to climb aboard the bus, she froze.   “It’s gym and I am wearing boots.  Mommy Help!”

Instantly, I was in crisis mode. I sprang towards home on foot in very high heel boots and ran.  My neighbor and fellow parent seeing my ridiculous shoes, immediately followed me.  In record time, I ran inside, grabbed the sneakers.  Between my home and the corner where the bus waited, my friend relayed the sneakers to the stop just in time.  Problem was averted and I was delighted.

So on this particular morning, I followed the bus to the light instead of being way ahead of the big yellow bus.   As I pulled up to the light along side of the bus, I could see my cherubs wildly waving and blowing kisses at me.  Without much thought,  I waved and blew kisses back with as much enthusiasm as I was receiving.  The light turned greened and I sent my last kiss and pulled away.   I drove to work that morning, sipping my coffee and listening to my radio and was content.

When I arrived at work – I found this message waiting for me:

“You made me smile the entire drive to work this morning. I was behind you when your Mommy love was showing with the waves and blown kisses. You and I played cat and mouse the way until you broke free and I had to turn. I kept waving at you each time we passed but you were in your mental zone. Mommy hat off, driver and marketer hat coming on. Have a great day my friend. You are an awesome Mom.”

A friend and fellow mom was stopped at that light behind me and had sent the email when she arrived to her office.   I was absolutely touched.  When we met, her youngest and my oldest were in Kindergarten together.  She must have seen that deer-in-the-headlight look on my face that day and took me under wing explaining half-day schedules, bus procedures and everything since.  I always looked up to her as that mom who always knew the perfect thing to say and could juggle even the toughest of schedules.

And with a simple quick email, she made ME smile.   I am very fortunate to have such caring and wonderful women to call friends – Women who don’t judge and don’t gripe; Always supportive and always there.


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