If this is 2013, Hold On Tight!

Today seemed very much like a Monday, despite being Wednesday.  I was up very early and getting a head start on 2013.   I’ve made several casual resolutions (letting go of negativity, eating healthy and exploring new professional avenues).  However, no sooner did I get into the groove of the morning routine, did I realize this was going to be a tough day.

At class, I lacked any vigor and strength as I pulled the ropes and did my push-ups with a frightful looking reflection coming from the imposing mirrors.

At home, my Cherubs had papers that needed my John Hancock despite my repeated nagging over winter break to give me anything that needed my attention then and NOT the morning classes resume.

At the bus stop, I learned that one of my neighbor’s experienced a loss in the family.

At the office, I was greeted with several condescending emails from colleagues who apparently did not have “be nicer to the human race” on their list of resolutions.

And just as I was barely treading water in my sea of emails and work,  my coworker was informed of the loss of a very close friend.  YUCK. Just Yuck.  And did I mention this happened all before 12pm?

I spent most of the day numb and sour.  However, walking back from a late lunch, a well dressed man asked me for 50 cents.

“I need lunch and I was handing out resumes all day,” he called out.

I walked over and gave him $2.  I normally do not respond to such requests, but a strange force compelled me to help him with his request.

When I returned to my desk, I decided to give this day one more shot.  I called, instead of emailing, some of those who had emailed in the morning and found their demeanor to be pleasant and opposite from their morning messages.  I plowed through some work and moved things along.  Soon, the work day was over and I looked forward to my ride home.

photo(10)As I walked in the door, I was greeted with dinner cooking on the stove,  cookies baking in the oven and my children playing nicely with homework finished all under the supervision of my Hubby aka, Captain Multitasker (he was working from home today).

Needless to say, today brought lows, highs and everything in between and it’s just day two of 365.

Hold on Tight.  It’s 2013.


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