26 Random Acts of Kindness

00-newtown-ct-massacre-angels-18-12-12Next week, I am fortunate enough to be home with my family celebrating the holiday season.  With whispers of a possible white Christmas and a week filled with lavish dinners and presents and laughter, it will be a week to cherish.  However, in Newtown CT, there will be 26 families among hundreds who will not share this joy.

In honor of the lives lost in Newtown CT, I am proudly, and without any shame, jumping on the bandwagon of 26 Random Acts of Kindness.  A movement quickly gaining steam and believed to be started by Ann Curry, the movement is simple yet powerful.  Join me (I will begin tomorrow) and spread kindness throughout your area.  Simply, write/print/email 26 notes with a brief explanation and ask the recipient to pass the kindness along.  The options are limitless.

In the following week, I will share photos and stories on my facebook fan page.  I encourage you to share your acts as well.

This entire season has been difficult and I as I mentioned in my last post, we all need a little Christmas – let’s make this season end with kindness.

*Please note, this photo was not mine.  Found online, I used picmonkey to add the text.  I take no credit for this photo.


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