Wait. What?

MH900442822With December 21, 2012 almost one week away, Hubby and I (Hubby mostly) have decided to throw an End of the World Party on that very night.  We invited our closest friends and family – you know, those we want to end our days with – and their children too.  Soon after, we realized how foolish it was to invite children and quickly retracted the children invite.  And much to our surprise – most of our friends were delighted with the retraction!  (aahhheem).

Anyhow, shortly after we extended the invite, then retracted the children portion of the invite, I realized that should the world end on 12/21/12, our party may not even occur!  Should this party occur on 12/20/12 instead? This led me to a tangent of random thoughts:

What actual time does the world end?  Does it happen in one quick shot at 12:01am or is it a slow, shocking occurrence?

Should I hire John Cusack to be on standby to pilot a chartered plane – and if so, will he need a limo too or does he come with his own?

Will we lose power because we have yet to get that massive generator or D batteries we said we were going to get post Superstorm Sandy?

Will there be zombies?  I ask this question because our End of the World Party has a costume component (everyone must come in costume). Therefore, perhaps I will dress up as a zombie so that when the zombies arrive they’ll pass over me.  Because according to Wiki, the term (zombie) is often applied to describe a hypnotized person bereft of consciousness and self-awareness, yet ambulant and able to respond to surrounding stimuli …….um. Wait.What?  Let me rethink that.  Being a zombie sounds interestingly relaxing.

Since it’s obviously clear, I am completely uneducated and uninformed about all things 12/21/12, I decided to do some online research.


This idea was almost as bad or worse than going to WebMD to solve my most recent medical issues.

Falling birds.  Dead fish.  Moaning earth sounds. UFOs. Earthquakes – much food for thought and making the option of being a zombie sound more and more attractive.  Interestingly, I came across some  information which explains that the Mayan calendar runs in cycles and the next cycle begins on what would be our 12/22/12 and is a day of renewal – a day of rebirth.

Wait. Whhaaaaaaaaatttttt?

Party on the 22nd too.  Kids invited 😉


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