Children Sold Separately

Despite the customized video message from Santa (worked for 18 hours at most)…

Despite the laborious Elf on the Shelf (magic my derriere)…

Despite the ever-reminded warning of coal in stockings (oh please, not worth the mess)…

…my children are far from perfect holiday angels.  In fact, they have moments of down right evilness.  Lucky for them, they are very cute, receive very good grades and I love them.

In recent weeks, however, I find their best most angelic behavior comes at times when they are alone with me and separated from each other.  We talk. We laugh.  We listen.   However, those moments were shattered the minute the other sibling returns.

Months and months ago I wrote a post about their collaboration and bonding over Legos.  They played blissfully together for hours.  Ummmm yeah – those children must have been imposters.

This got me thinking….

three peas in a pod

three peas in a pod

I need to make more time to spend dedicated Q-time with each child.  Most often, we are running from school to practice, where one child is the focus of the trip and the other child is the one being pulled from their play to tag along. For example, when Little Man spent the night at Nana’s,  my daughter basked in our attention and kept herself busy with free play and crafts.  Then just yesterday, while our Ballerina danced at the studio, Little Man and I happily accomplished the week’s food shopping list in completely peace.  Sure Little Man added ridiculous items to the cart ( “we need whip cream and ice cream and gummies so the bags stay cold for our fruit and veggies“) but I was able to reason and compromise with him on a very mature level.

So the question is, how and when do I do this?  I suppose my first attempt would be to make it a point to “together” with the children when the other is at practice or at an activity or game.  Maybe knowing Mommy has their undivided attention will be a welcome distraction?

With the New Year and its resolutions not to far away, maybe this is feasible.    Until then, my fellow parents, do you have any suggestions?


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