One for the Bucket List

533485_10200198075213429_631052370_nGrowing up in North Jersey (which is almost its own State rather than region), Manhattan was not the great Big Apple, but just a place I would visit.  With a quick Path or bus ride across the Hudson River, I would be in the city.  As a child, I would make the visit with family – and as I grew older, visits with friends.  Regardless of my age, I loved “going into the city”.

And of all the trips and visits and sights and things I have done in NYC, I have never skated in Rockefeller Center.  It evades me year after year. Most often, the lines are too long or I am not dressed for the occasion.

That is until………… yesterday.

With my daughter and cousin, I skated beneath the majestic Rockefeller Christmas Tree and hundreds of tourists smiling and waving.  It was hard not to be starstruck.  For years, I would longingly wish to skate on the ice that graced so many holiday specials.  For one hour, we circled the rink, loop after loop, laughing and trying to keep our balance to the tunes of classic jazz holiday music.  It was surreal and fantastic in every way.

As we unlaced our skates at the end of our session, I thought to myself – I need a Bucket List.  A Bucket List to cross off amazing moments, events, accomplishments just like this.

So on a very mild December afternoon in the city that never sleeps, in the company of the women I love the most, I “got” a Bucket List.


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