Mrs. Fix-It is Thankful

We (Hubby, Sassy, Little Man, Ginormous “thinks he is a mouse” Chocolate Labrador and recently departed fish who Little Man insisted was in hibernation {another post of another day} and I) have lived in our home for a little over seven years.  And in that time, much of our home has transformed with both little and big projects.  And of all the “things” that needed to be fixed or changed or updated, our entry way light was the bane of my to-do list.  Maybe because it was so small or maybe because it worked, I despised its look, especially as more and more changed and updated around it.

But alas, just a few weeks ago, the light no longer worked.  It required some silly bulb that was a pain to replace.  We ignored the lack of light (hell, we were seasoned 8 day veterans of no light) and made do.

Shiny new fixture on the left. Old fixture already in the trash!

Then tonight we went to Home Depot.

By tonight I mean 6pm.  As I write this post its 10:22pm.  Two trips later, one ceiling medallion and several dabs of gorilla glue (don’t ask), the light that I wanted and Hubby didn’t, is now proudly lit in our center hallway.

So tonight I am thankful that Hubby didn’t kill me.  What should have taken 30 minutes top to assemble and mount, took closer to 4 hours and a lot of name calling under breath – especially when I mentioned that it wasn’t quite centered the first time it went up.  Alas, all is right with the light.  Hubby is proud to have mastered the problem and even agrees that the fixture is the perfect addition to our home!


Thank everyone who joined me in the Twenty-Two Days of Thanks.  Whether through posts on Facebook or your blog or twitter, I appreciated everyone’s thoughts and posts of thanks.  We have just have 2 more days…….



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