Twenty-Two Days of Thanks

I am not a very religious person, but I am Italian and attended Catholic School until 12th grade.  So I think it’s safe to say that by default, I know a thing or two about Catholicism.  However, I am not the “strongest” Catholic these days.  I married in the church and had both my children Christened.  My oldest even received the Sacrament of Communion.  I would like to say that I make it a point to attend Mass once a week, but I am a super slacker in that department.

Tonight I found myself in Church because my oldest decided she wanted to sing in the Christmas Choir.  Our plates are full – and then some – but I couldn’t refuse this request.  Despite not having any of her friends join her, my daughter insisted it was something she wanted to do.

So there I sat in the back of the church and sat.  I sat for most the rehearsal and just sat.  All the stress and worry and fears seemed to be at bay, if only for those moments.  Tonight, I am thankful for remembering the peace and tranquility that can sometimes be found in Church.  I can’t promise that I will be attending Mass every weekend, but I will make an effort to try!

Join me in the Twenty-Two Days of Thanks.  Post on your facebook or twitter or blog and in the comment section of this post and the 16 posts to come what you are thankful for.  Let’s share our thanks with others and spread joy and laughter this season.


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