Twenty Two Days of Thanks

The temperature outside is a very crisp 37 degrees.   The skies are gray and soft.  White flakes are falling.

Inside, a hearty split pea soup simmers in the crock pot and the house is warm and cozy.

In previous years, this would have been such a delightful time.  But knowing there are many in my area without power and heat and electricity – and the very possible outcome that we, too, may lose power again puts me on edge.

However, seeing the smiles on these two faces as they came off the bus today, weakened my fear a bit.  The excitement of a snow day and snowmen and snow forts are very hard to contain.  I do hope this latest storm passes, but in the interim, I am thankful for my children who reminded me of what it is like to feel eight years old again.

Join me in the Twenty-Two Days of Thanks.  Post on your facebook or twitter or blog and in the comment section of this post and the 17 posts to come what you are thankful for.  Let’s share our thanks with others and spread joy and laughter this season.


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