Twenty Two Days of Thanks – Catch Up

It’s hard to believe that almost one week has passed since Hurricane Sandy battered the East Coast. I look back to last Sunday and think about the slight sense of excitement surrounding the “event”. Maybe we would get one day off from work – I could bake and play games with kids – it would be an adventure!

But by mid Monday, the sense of adventure was gone. The images on the screen were frightening. I contained my fear from the kids and prayed.

Now seven days later, we are still without power. We have cleared the yard of all debris and repaired our roof. We have been welcomed into so many homes and have been blessed by love. We count our blessings and we march on together.20121104-101824.jpg

Eleven years ago today, I married a bright young man who has become my shining other half. Today, I am thankful for having said yes to that most important question that was ever asked of me. Happy Anniversary to my loving husband. I am more than certain we will always remember our 11th year.

My goal is to write a daily post of something I am thankful for during the month of November. Now, more than ever, this seems and feels so right. However, I may not be able to post daily due to the lack of connectivity and power. I promise to try my best. Hopefully soon, power will be restored.


2 thoughts on “Twenty Two Days of Thanks – Catch Up

    • It’s almost too overwhelming to even wrap my head around it. Our power just returned on November 5th – one full week after the storm. And sadly, there are still thousands without power. But we are strong and pulling together. Too see the outpouring of help and volunteering among neighbors is amazing. Thank you for your prayers Krista. They are very much appreciated.

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