Politics. Politics. Politics.

The beauty of this country, by far, is freedom of speech – that is until you have to read it on a daily basis on the various social media platforms.  None the less, those with whom I agree with could afford to post their thoughts in a less offensive way and those that I disagree with, I commend you for your stance, but please stop shoving it down my throat.

And the beauty of social media, by far,  is that you can tune out all the political banter by ignoring social media until after the election.  But what happens when this enters your home, at your dinner table by your own child?

“Mommy, I am going to vote for Obama because Romney is going to start a war with all of the countries,”  announces my oldest during dinner.


With Hubby away on business, this conversation was solely mine to have.  So where do I begin?

On Google, of course.

We quickly learn that a fellow classmate imparted this fact and my daughter sought (and rightfully so) to base her decision entirely on what her friend told her.  So together with my daughter, we sat at my laptop in search of  site that broke down the differences between the two candidates explained in a way that my 3rd grader could understand…..all between studying for spelling test, completing math homeworking, having dinner and running carpool to CCD.

Needless to say, we did not find much by way of a site geared for young children.  Not wanting to influence my daughter with my political views,  I did my best to dumb down, on children’s terms, the sites which did distinguish between the two candidates.  We made some notes.  We discussed why voting is so important.  We came to an informed decision.

And just when I was about to pat myself of the back for a job well done, my daughter realized her vote did not count.

“I have to be 18!?!?!?  That stinks!”

Ain’t THAT the truth!


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