Send Me On May Way

Mid 1990’s.  In College.

I was young.  I was full of dreams. I was learning to be me.  Making decisions both smart and stupid.

Fast forward to present day.   It has been ten-plus years since my college days, a lifetime really.

Driving to work today, I saw me – that hopeful college girl crossing the street as I was stopped at a light.

You see, my office is in the same town in where I attended college.  On the radio in my car played Send Me on My Way – a favorite back in my college days.

For those brief few moments, I saw me cross my car and we made eye contact.  I wanted to tell me that all that worry, all those mistakes, all those right decisions paid off.  I wanted to tell me, thank you.

But me smiled and sent me on my way as the light turned green.


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