Blogging 101

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For those of us who are bloggers, achieving readership, followers and visits can sometimes be all-consuming.  I try to make it a point to NOT check my stats more than once or twice a week, but I admit that sometimes I cheat and check more often and analyze what I can do to improve my numbers.  Most often this sequence of events is interrupted with fighting children or a ringing phone or a pinging email and I do nothing more than just make a mental note to so this later.

Now part of how you gain followers/readers is tagging the post so that someone using a search engine somewhere in the vast online world may find your blog.  For my blog, which focuses on motherhood, careers and work/mom balance you would assume that those words would lead readers to my blog.  While those tags do bring in readers, it is not my most popular, #1 word that brings readers in.

What word or tag ranks in 1st place?

Wait for it………………………………….


Hot Dog!

I know.  SO RANDOM!  I am not sure if I should be worried, amused, sickened or question my purpose in blogging.  I published a blog over the summer where I tagged the word hot dog.  And since that date of publication, hot dog rose the ranks of words that have led other readers to my site.

So I have decided to address my fellow hot dog aficionados who find their way to me.

Dear Hot Dog Aficionados,

If you are parents, I hope you enjoy what you read. 

If you are not parents, I hope my tales of motherhood don’t scare you away. 

I enjoy hot dogs (with spicy mustard and relish ONLY – sorry ketchup toppers).


CC Fowler


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