And I am Done!

I would like to officially come out of the toy closet.  I am DONE with toys. In fact, I have been DONE for quite some time now.

I am done with five zillion pieces scattered in seven zillions baskets.  I am done with princess castles and townhouses and their gaggle of half-dressed, frizzed-0ut dolls.  I am done with superhero fortresses and headquarters and their limb-missing, weapon bearing, spandex-looking-wearing figurines.  I am done with every single toy that litters my basement.

I am fully aware that playing with toys enhances my children’s creativity and imagination and teaches them how to be responsible and how to share with others (or so I have been told).  But there is also a limit as to how many toys a child needs.

I know the end is near – that point when my children will no longer want toys, but ask for electronics and video games and I will longingly look back on these days.  But until that day arrives, I am DONE with toys.


2 thoughts on “And I am Done!

  1. As the mother of a teen, I’ll say that you are right that you’ll be nostalgic for the My Little Pony days. As the mother of a toddler, I’m right there with you in being sick of toys.

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