Not-So Wordless Wednesday

Yeah, Yeah Yeah…..I know the point of Wordless Wednesday is to be wordless, but we all know that is almost impossible for me.

Let me introduce you to my Mother.  You may have read about her in my various posts from time to time.  She is tiny, politically informed, overly opinionated and the expert in all things household.  There is no household chore she does not master skillfully and can press a shirt in such a way, the cleaners bow down to her.  In fact, she WAS Martha Stewart before Martha Stewart became Martha Stewart.  Most importantly, she is the reason I am the way I am today – in both the good ways and the bad ways.

For today’s not-so Wordless Wednesday, I share these photos of my Mother in a moment I will treasure forever –

passing down her recipe to my daughter for Homemade “Sugo” (Italian for sauce) from the fresh tomatoes we grew in our very own backyard!

“Lydia has nothing on me, ” says my Mom

“Not only does this make sauce, but it’s great for your arms,” says my Mom

Family 🙂

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