Sometimes, all it takes to lift out of a funk is a smile, a cup of tea or a piece of good news. 

Sometimes, all it takes is a phone call from your very oldest, very dearest, very best friend.

We don’t talk every day.  In fact, months sometimes pass between our conversations. Yet the minute the phone lines connect, that gap of time from our last conversation disappears and regardless of where the call is made, the sounds and movements around me simply fade away.  Instantly we are those two giddy, oddly matched little girls.

Soon, we will both be mothers (she is expecting her first before the end of this year) and I am sure in the phone calls to come, our conversations will be of newborn tricks and tactics, breast pumps, sleepless night and which butt cream works best.  I by no means would like to have a third child, but I must admit I am excited about the birth of her child as if it were my very own.

This very gloomy autumn day began very hectic and very harried.  And although the day is still very unrelentingly hectic and harried, a smile has found a pair of lips to call home today.

Sometimes, all it takes is a moment to chat with a best friend.

Go on.  Pick up your phone and call your best friend.




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