May the Force Be With…Mothers Shopping for Halloween Costumes

The beach umbrellas and chairs are barely cleaned and packed away when the Halloween catalogs begin arriving in our mail.  Quite honestly, I don’t recall ever ordering a costume online, but apparently my name is on some list and each year this list multiplies.  So before the official first day of Autumn even arrives, the children are choosing costumes.

This year is no different.  However, unlike previous years, I have already purchased Halloween costumes for my children and it has NOTHING to do with having been bombarded with catalogs or being organized.  Rather, I made three massive mistakes:

I was at Target, with my children….and took the cart into the seasonal section.  Actually, that’s four mistakes.  I shouldn’t even be IN Target.

Not a “sexy” anything in this bunch! Extra candy for all of you!

I know.  Total rookie move, but I must admit, so long as my children do not change their minds (and I manage to dissect the mail before it reaches the kitchen desk), I am relieved to have something off my to-do list before it was even placed on it.

So how did we make out this year as far as costume selection?  While I cannot give away what the children will be, I can say their costumes are coordinated.  I can tell you that is does NOT involve a Sexy Witch, Sexy Cat, Sexy jail-bird (WTF?) or Sexy Supergirl.  And this leads me to the point of this post (and yes, I am going to “yell” this):

WHY ARE COSTUMES FOR YOUNG GIRLS “SEXY”?   I didn’t get a “sexy” costume until I was in college (ok maybe high school).  Just today, I came across a terrific blog from Theta Mom asking the very same question.  She captures it best –“But holy frick. Every year, I say the same damn thing.”   And she and I are not the only ones who feel this way.  In fact, I have had this very conversation for several years now, so I am sure there are significant amounts of people who agree with me.  How is it, then, manufactures continue to make these costumes?

I managed to dodge the “sexy” bullet this year, but I could see my daughter lingering at the “sexy” section.  Next year, I may have to succumb to massive persuasion to avoid an all-out battle with her, but that is a post for another year.

So for those of you who have yet to enter a Target or these random Halloween outlets that pop up out of nowhere, be sure to leave the little ones at home.  Some aisles are certainly not rated G and most importantly, May the Force be with you!


7 thoughts on “May the Force Be With…Mothers Shopping for Halloween Costumes

  1. I’m 36 years old and still have not worn a sexy Halloween costume. But it isn’t just the costumes….do you see the clothes that are marketed to our girls? It’s disgusting.

  2. my 5 year told me she wanted to be a sexxy fairy.. Then said…what’s a sexy fairy? Ugh. I got my 7 year old a great witch costume at THOmas and the 5 yr old a pirate costume. Not bad prices either.

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