Wash My Hands



6:10am and the call is coming from the bathroom.  Never a good sign.

Just eleven days into the school year (two of which were vacation days) and we have our first case of the stomach virus and the first test of juggling work/kids/school for the school year.

Using my Mommy superhero powers, I go into action mode…….

Ponytail holder is immediately placed in my daughter’s hair and I give her a pillow and blanket.  Wash My Hands.

Wake up Little Man who with sleepy eyes wants to make sure I sat in his exact seat at Back to School night last night. Wash My Hands.

Phone calls to the school, the office, shower and of course a quick scan of the emails to see what the day entails. Wash My Hands.

Re-adjust ponytail holder and move the patient to the downstairs powder room. Wash My Hands.

Make breakfast and lunch “Did you wash your hands Mommy?” asks Little Man.

Check on bathroom patient, run to the bus stop, check emails and return phone messages. Wash My Hands.

Cancel after school pick up and arrange for soccer carpool. Wash My Hands.

Conference Call and email check and it’s barely even 10am.

My hands are clean (and very dry) and my sick patient has color returning to her face.  Yes, this dance I do to juggle home and kids and work is insane, but I wouldn’t trade in a moment of any it.

Why do this?  What is the key to juggling everything?  I do this because I can, I want to and the flexibility my office/employer gives me allows makes everything work.   I don’t make bookoo bucks, but I am respected and given the flexibility to do ALL of my jobs and that is all this Mother can ask for.






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