Where did THAT roll come from?

I tend to be in a hurry most mornings, but I always manage to get one quick look in the mirror to check my outfit.  Lately, my clothes had been feeling a little more snug and very recently, I noticed a roll around my waist that was NOT there before.  I have always struggled with my weight – all my life.  Even was I was skinny, I thought I was heavy! But this roll?  WTF! Where did that come from?  (DUH! It came from overeating and not exercising, but bare with me for the sake of the post.)

Of course, having two children didn’t help my weight and although breast-feeding was key to having me loose all the baby weight and then some, turns out you must STOP eating like you are feeding for two after you actually stop breastfeeding.  Over the years, I tried everything and for the most part, it worked – so long as I stuck to it.  And that is the part that I have trouble with.  Ironically, I have no trouble sticking to overeating or enjoying a cocktail or two (or three), but whenever I hit my weight goal mark, I would quickly slip back.

For those of you who have been following me for a while, you have been witness to this up and down, big ass and trim ass.  I would have to assume you hate reading this as much as I hate writing it.  Well, here I go again…and back to the only thing that has really ever worked for me – Kettlebell.

This morning marked day ONE of a 5 week program at 4Elements.  Before the sun rises, I am in my car and off to class.  And yes, I dress for class the night before so that I can simply roll out of bed before the birds begin to chirp.  And, I won’t sugar coat this:  it sucks to be up at 5:55am to be at class at 6:15am and to have my fat ass kicked for 45 minutes.  But there is nothing more exhilarating than walking (ok…so this morning I was crawling, but in time, I imagine I will be able to walk) in the door at 7:05am and have a great workout under my roll my belt.

As I stood at the mirror during class, I could not make eye contact with myself.  It was tough to see all the hard work I had accomplished a year or so ago, be just a memory.  But every day is a new day and today, despite the pain in walking and talking, I am happy for the fresh start.  An added bonus was not only have the encouragement of my Hubby, but to see all the ladies I had grown so fond of from the last time I kettlebell trained. With open arms they hugged and cheered/grunted as we worked out.

So for those of you who may be in the same big boat with me, take the plunge and find the workout that works best for you.  Don’t do it to be skinny or to get in that dress.  Do it to be healthy.  My reason (aside from THAT roll)?

I am doing it for me and for my daughter.


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