Falling Back into Better Habits

For the past week, my Facebook feed has been populated with Back-to-School photos.  It really is one of the best attributes Facebook provides – having the chance to share with your friends (some close and some distant) their important milestones.  And along with the beaming smiles and red teary eyes – from both children and parents – the “I need a clone” posts begin.

It is almost certain, that I will be guilty of making such a post at one point between today and sometime in mid December.  However, this Fall, I am going to try an old approach and fall back into better habits.  With scheduling and planning in high gear, I decided I might as well add exercise and eating right to the list as well.  Looking back through my posts and notes, I tend to be the most productive and clear-minded when I participated in some form of consistent exercise.  Words do not lie and it is obvious what an important role exercise plays in my overall happiness and that of those around me!

Along with scheduling exercise, I am going to commit to making 3 wholesome meals per week.  Take-out and dining out is a very easy clutch to depend on during week nights when there isn’t much time in between work, school and practices, lessons and games.  But with just a bit of planning and scheduling, I am going to make the effort to cook – even if it means I am cooking all three meals on Sunday night and re-heating all week.  Going to dust off that crock pot too!

Taking advice from a very wise lady, I am going to make this season My New Year. Having fallen off the wagon over the summer months, no time is better than the present to start! With a little planning, commitment and visit or two on Pinterest, I hope to keep true to this post not just for my health, but for the health of my little happy clan.



3 thoughts on “Falling Back into Better Habits

  1. This all resonates with me! My goal is also three wholesome meals per week, which I’ll most likely make all at once on Sunday. This evening’s shopping trip actually includes ingredients for four recipes; I was too hungry as I planned to stick to three! The general goal will be three.

    I’ve been a big ol’ stress monster recently. I was just talking about this with Ba.D. when I realized my anxiety creeping up right around the time I hurt my back. Putting those pieces together makes it clear I need to get that exercise, because I feel better physically and emotionally.

    Here’s to our meeting and sometimes even surpassing our goals!

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