Good Luck, My Little Man

Almost seven years ago, I was surprised to find out I was almost three months pregnant.  Less than seven months later and without a minute to spare, our Little Man came fast and ready to take on the world.  At just 36 weeks, my Little Man was little, but robust.

This week, the boy I affectionately call my Little Man, is heading off to Kindergarten.  At the corner he will stand with his sister and their neighborhood friends and finally walk up the three steps onto the big yellow bus that evaded him last year because he was born just four days shy of the school cut-off.  And while he attended school last year for five full day days at our local preschool, he was in a cozy, nurturing environment and the hen of the roost.  This year, Little Man is among the youngest and smallest with “big” kids in their vast hallways and classrooms.

I wish my Little Man all the luck a boy will need for his First Day of Kindergarten and thank him for being such a spirited sidekick all these years.  I will miss our little lunches, our little spats and our special hugs and kisses on days we were fortunate to spend together.

May you shine.  May you laugh.  May you make friends.  And may you always know that Mommy is very proud of you.  Good Luck, My Little Man.


4 thoughts on “Good Luck, My Little Man

  1. Aww.. always a special day. I work in a school and we also had our first day today after the holidays. It is so nice to see the fresh faced new ones coming in, so excited for the new adventure. (except the one whose older brother forgot to pick him up after school today, even though they go to the same school!! (That’s teenagers for you… just wait till hormones kick in…lol…) The little one was so upset (understandably so!)

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