It Must Be 5pm Somewhere – Finally Friday

Today I sit at my desk a bit frazzled, stressed and for lack of a better word – bitchy.  Battling a brutal head cold for the past few days and returning to “real-life”, this week did not turn out quite as I expected.  Wasn’t I just sitting beach side this time last week?

I admit – the office assignment list I intended to tackle was a bit advantageous. While I completed anything who’s deadline was due, I left plenty more on the To-Do list for next week.  So much for getting a head start on September.

I had grand ideas of going through the children’s closets organizing potential school outfits, but I never moved beyond having them meet me at their closet doors.

I thought I would pull together grocery shopping list for some online food shopping in hopes to alleviate some tasks in the coming weeks.  However, I got only as far as typing in the web address for Peapod.

So on this Finally Friday, despite feeling like I did not accomplish everything I intended to accomplish, I breathe a deep sigh of relief that my family and I made it through another summer – a summer of patched schedules, camp, play dates and everything in between.  And you know what, I kinda feel better now that I wrote this!

Now to enjoy the unofficial end to summer…….it must be 5 o’ Clock somewhere 🙂




Finally Friday is all about breathing a sigh of relief that the week is over with a photo and its “short” quote.  Yes – similar to Wordless Wednesday, but created for those who have no capacity to be wordless such as myself.   I’m Italian and I am just getting over trying to say things in 140 characters or less on Twitter.


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