Saying Goodbye to Summer

The last of the vacation laundry is folded and the beach chairs and toys are all rinsed and stowed away.  I have more shells than Pinterest has crafts for and the children are fighting the new bedtime routine.  Phone calls have been exchanged about “who did you get?” (which was also supplemented by their parents on facebook) and the bus schedules have been finalized and sent.

I gladly say goodbye to Fall and Winter and Spring, but it’s hardest to say goodbye to Summer.  Sure this season is not quite as relaxing as it was back when I was a student and childless and still very carefree, but the extended daylight and lack of after school activities makes up for scheduling overdrive.

As my children get a little older and a little more mature, vacations and trips we can take broaden and offers a nice change of pace.  Milestone are achieved by the children as their excitement grows and flourishes.  Picnics with nourishing food and drink open and close most weekends and even our office work loads don’t seem as pressing.

But like all good things, Summer must come to an end.  There is just one week left to our Summer vacation and we plan to make the most of it.  Together with family and friends we will squeeze the last days and nights to barbeque and swim and just sit on the porch with fresh drinks as we say goodbye to Summer.


2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Summer

  1. Aww… what a lovely song! I was just saying to my friend how I cannot believe evenings are getting darker already! We’ll blink and it’ll be Christmas…. is it just me or do the years go faster the older we get?

    • It’s a very old song that truly helps me cope with the end of summer. The Fall is my favorite season – fireplaces burning, cool night breezes and the occasional grey sky is welcoming. But this year, I look forward to the Spring -I will be heading over to your neck of the woods for a week or so. Hope we can meet for Tea!

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