The Little White Lie

So, what is heaven’s acceptance rate for those with Little White Lies on their lists of sins?  I find that I am teetering on telling them when the children are concerned. If the lie is told for the betterment of the child, is it still a lie?  Case in point:

“Mommy, I had a nightmare.  How do I stop them?”

In all fairness, I was forewarned by my husband that this question was being asked.  My husband’s response: a vague blanket statement -“Bad foods can make you have bad dreams.”

I have no idea if this statement is true, but according to my wise 93-year-old Italian grandmother, this is a law.  So when approached by my little one about the cause of his bad dream, my first thought was…oh this is the moment that can change everything…...

My eternal battle with sugar and its role in my children’s diets.  Cereals. Gatorade. Juice Boxes. Soda.  BAD

Why stop with food?  Cartoon Network. Play Guns. Swords.  BAD

However, the look in my son’s eye was sincere and concerned.  He was looking at me falsely under the assumption that I know the answer to every question and the solution to every problem.  This was my moment to be rid of everything BAD,  but I just couldn’t abuse his faith in my answer.

In the end, I reiterated what Hubby had said and explained combined with lack of sleep and lack of schedules and sometimes violent cartoons mixed with overall excitement  can sometimes lead to bad dreams.  Of course, he wanted a detailed list of what fell on the BAD list, but I delicately moved the conversation along to which he responded…..

“How close do we live to a cemetery and are zombies real?”

At that moment, I gave in!  I couldn’t help but just give him a big bear hug and tell him……………It was the Gatorade!!!!!

……Father Forgive Me for I have sinned.  It’s been – well let’s just a LONG time –  since my last confession………………….


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