The Family Photo Album – For the Busy Mommy

I once was very good about taking pictures and documenting my family’s milestones, vacations, celebrations and everything in between.  However, that changed right around the time I purchased my iPhone.  Equipped with its very own camera, I found myself snapping dozen and dozen of pictures.  Almost one year later, I realized that I have not used my “real” camera – well – since the iPhone purchase.  Translation:  I have over 400 pictures on my iPhone and not one picture printed!

Faced with the task of uploading 400+ pictures, then ordering them and then organizing them nicely in an album gave me hives.  With the start of the school year just about to start, the task is daunting.  And then it dawned on me……

Will this be obsolete on day?

There must be an app for my problem!

AND, in fact, there are plenty!  In the interest of my own personal sanity (having zero time to research each app), I chose what I recognized first and used in other capacities.  The solution?  Shutterfly!

Shutterfly has an iPhone app that allows you to upload your photos right from your phone.  There is no need to email each photo to your desktop and then upload online.  Brilliant!  Of course, now I must find the time to place them into a scrapbook format I can print, but knowing my pictures are uploaded and ready for me to print eases the Mommy Pressure I place on myself.  So when I find the time to organize them, here are some ways to pull them together in what would take maybe one or two hours of time (aka… two hours that would have been spent “pinning” other people’s pictures).

The Yearly Album – Not going to lie. This is where my 400+ photos will find themselves.  One year worth of photos placed into an album easily titled 2012.  I can print three copies – one for each of my children to take when they are older and one for me to display proudly on the shelf where all other photo albums sit.

The By-Child Album – I thought about doing this, but feared that my children will count, analyze and critique why one had more pictures of the other.  But for those of you who have taken the same amount of photos of each child, this could be a great way to continue those adorable baby books we so diligently filled out when they were little.

The By-Event Album – Um….I can’t even wrap my head around this one.  In fact, this would cause me to hive again.  However, if you have a tremendous amount of time (which you probably don’t since you are reading this), you can create small albums based on events and milestones from the year.

So with three weeks and one more family beach vacation planned before the start of school, I am going to aim for the Yearly Album option.  I can try to get as much into the album now and dabble with the it in the remaining months.  With a glass of wine and great album playing on iTunes, it should be a fun trip down memory lane – even if it’s just one year!


2 thoughts on “The Family Photo Album – For the Busy Mommy

  1. I finished this project 5 months, $82 and 75 pages later. I said I wouldn’t let 2013 go by without uploading at least once a month and creating pages for each month……I haven’t gone past the cover 😉

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