Three Reasons Why Ladies Night for Mommy is Important

Three.  I only give you three reasons because …..well it’s a long a story and I know we are all busy… just trust me.

Ladies. Girls. Chicks. Mamas.

If I wasn’t one, I would say we are a very hard species to understand.  But as it turns out, I am one and I think I have a good handle on understanding what makes us tick.

Some of the Ladies…

Most of us are multi-taskers, homemakers, career women, decision-makers and litigators all before 8:30am on any average day. And while we don’t mind this, we embrace it so long as once in a while we can get together for a Ladies Night.

So why is Ladies Night for Moms important?

1. We compare notes.  An outsider may hear us chat and wonder why we talk of the very things that we are trying to get a break from – kids, schedules, discipline tactics etc.  The reality is, through the wine and fruity-naughty-named drinks, we are gaining knowledge that allows us to streamline matters that would otherwise take us time to navigate if alone.  Hey, if you have figured out why your Little Angel is acting out before school, perhaps it will work for my Cherub.

2. We are thirsty and hungry.  This one is simple.  It’s nice to have a drink that is free of four-year-old’s backwash and a bite of food that I have chosen to eat AND not some half eaten pizza bagel that my little one didn’t finish and I didn’t have the heart to throw away.

3. We need each other.  Once you weed out the fake, over zealous, one-upper kind of ladies, you are left with ladies that really and truly care about you.  Together these ladies laugh.  Together these ladies make you feel that motherhood is manageable.

In essence, Ladies Night Out for Mommy is way to recharge our batteries and give us a chance – even if just one or two hours – to be carefree, silly girls!


6 thoughts on “Three Reasons Why Ladies Night for Mommy is Important

    • To those reading these comments….PMonkey has endured listening to ladies night one too many times. And yet, he always graciously agrees to let me host ladies night at our home as he handles bath and bedtime for the kids. I love you honey!

  1. I’m usually glad I live in a much bigger town than the one I grew up in, but sometimes I get a little sad that I now live in a town where everyone’s so far apart. Maybe I just need to make more of an effort to make these ladies nights happen, even if only two or three times per year! Yeah. Yeah, I think I’d better. 🙂

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