Grill More Girls – Steak. Just Steak.

If given the choice between a plate of fresh pasta and a well cut piece of meat, almost always, I choose the fresh pasta.  That is until now.  Given the task of trying to make new dishes, I decided I would conquer grilling the perfect steak.  So this time, we are grilling Steak.  Just Steak.

With a simple rub, good cut, just the right amount of grilling and fresh light sides, this meal is near perfect.  I recommend buying a lean cut of NY Strip Steak.  Unless they are on sale, each steak could be pricey, but it’s certainly worth it if cooked well.  For this meal, I also made a side of fresh spinach and my no-fail Pesto Bow-Tie Salad.

I first began with making a simple rub.  Kosher salt, mixed with fresh ground pepper and a squeeze of fresh lemon.  Mix these together and when well blended, rub on each side of the steak.  At this point, in my post, I would love to tell you that I handled “grilling” but in all honesty, my Hubby took over from here.  He is far better at the grill than me and this cut of steak deserved the best.

Setting the grill to medium, Hubby cooked the steaks for 12 minutes on each side.  Once grilled, he plated the steaks and let them sit for three minutes.

It was by far, one of the best steaks I have ever prepared, almost cooked and eaten!

So now it’s your turn!  Link up with The Harried Mom and share your grilling recipe.  Don’t have a blog?  Hop on over to Facebook and share with us on my page!


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