In Theory, it was a Great Idea!

About twenty minutes after we concluded my daughter’s 7th Birthday party, she began discussing her plans for her 8th Birthday party (yes, the apple does not fall from this tree).  So for the past 12 months, we have been discussing the possibility of a sleepover party.  However, when the final decision needed to be made, my daughter could only cut her list to 16 girls and I could not fathom any more than three girls for this sleepover.  Hence, we decided to have “An Almost Sleepover Party.”  Girls would arrive in the evening.  We would do “girly” things and shortly before the 10pm pick-up time, the girls would get into their pajamas and sleeping bags for popcorn and a movie.

Invitations were sent and our responses were far better than I expected for a summer birthday.  I had planned for several activities and researched for a good movie to play.  However, the week of the party, my daughter decided it would be a great idea to have a “Mini-Olympics”.    In all honesty, I LOVED the idea and despite having only four days to plan, I was up for the challenge.

Immediately I scoured Pinterest  and Google for Olympic Birthday Party ideas.  Within two hours, the party was set.  Three teams representing red, white and blue.   Four events with a focus on “team sports” – relay sack races, freeze dance, relay races and wrap the Olympian in toilet paper.  I ordered team shirts.  I sent revised party agenda to all the parents. I downloaded the Olympic theme music.  By the afternoon of the party, we were ready.

As our Olympians arrived, we began to make teams and handed out their shirts.  The skies were taunting us with storm clouds and the temperatures were uncomfortable.  However, everyone was excited and so the Olympic Games began……

……And so did the tears!  This I was not expecting.  These girls were out to win Gold.  So what was to be a fun, relaxed series of events became way more competitive than I ever imagined.  Luckily, I had the help of three very dear friends/mothers who were there to assist with conducting the games.  My husband, along with a fellow dad were also on hand to keep the events in check, but we were all shocked!  In the end, the difference between Gold, Silver and Bronze was a mere few points.  We finished the games with birthday cake, free play and of course, watching the Olympics. 

My daughter truly enjoyed her birthday.  Despite her tears from not winning Gold, she was just happy to be celebrating her birthday with her friends.

I believe only time will tell how this birthday party will be regarded.  I do hope, if nothing else, the girls took away that team work is very important…… but for now, I am at loss so to the party’s success.  In theory, it was a great idea……..


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