Growing up I had friends with “cool” moms and friends with “that” moms.  Cool moms let you and their children play with anything you wanted, eat anything you want ( “your mom lets you have soda!”) and never, ever, ever yelled. THAT moms were the complete opposite.  As a young child, I vowed to be the cool mom.

Then I had kids.

I wouldn’t call myself a that mom, but I am by no means a cool mom.  I don’t stifle creativity, but “crafts” are only done outside on the deck if I have the ability to hose any messes or mistakes.  I am not granola or super organic, but I limit juice to no more than three times a day and lunch time juice box totally counts in that equation.  And I have no problem in raising my voice.

During a recent carpool, it seems my children were under the false impression that they could verbally taunt each other and act like lunatics with their friends in the car.  After several attempts at asking them in a nice voice to knock it off, their boldness only increased.  And then it happened.

I went into full-blown THAT mommy mode.  In the middle of our residential road, I placed the car in park and left the driver’s seat to proceed to the back of the car to let my children verbally have it.  The look on all their faces was utterly priceless and they ALL knew I meant business.  After getting back into the driver’s seat, I could see them exchanging glances of  “I can’t believe she just did THAT”.  As we proceeded with the short drive, they both quickly decided to speak nicely to each and went so far as to help each other out of the car.

I am not sure what long-term damage that my reaction may have caused, but I am sure I totally just crossed the line into THAT mom category and I am happy to report, I have fully accepted it.





2 thoughts on “THAT Mom

  1. Having been “THAT” mom just yesterday at the beach I can fully identify with you! It is so nice to know that other mothers are dealing with the same issues 🙂 Thank you for sharing & keep up the good work!

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