….And I Didn’t Drown!

My phone rings at 3:02pm. I am sitting in my office. Call is from my father-in-law’s phone and my daughter is on the line.

“Mommy, Mommy… I took the swim test today…..”  My heart stops. This was not discussed and I had no idea she had any intention of taking the test.

“….And I passed…..”  Of course she passed!  She had the best teacher – her Daddy!

“….And “E” and “E” were in the deep end with me and guided me through the entire length of the swim and I didn’t have to use the emergency rope….” My heart stops again.  What emergency rope is part of a swim test?

“….you know it’s a rope to divide the deep end from the shallow end but we use it just in case we drown…..”  I was not ready for this to happen.

“….and do you know that the best part of all is, I didn’t drown so now I can swim and jump and play in the deep end of the pool everyday at camp and don’t worry, there is this boy who is the lifeguard …..”

I took solace in knowing that at summer camp, my timid daughter contentedly played in the shallow end of the pool.  This is no more.  My little timid daughter is spreading her wings a little farther each day and my hair is getting grayer.  I want so much to keep her this age, this size, this way forever, but I know the effort would be futile.  She is my daughter and the daughter of my husband – watch out world!  I suppose I should just do my best to guide her and make my visits to the salon more frequent.

“…….and the lifeguard is older, you know old, like 17 years old ………….



4 thoughts on “….And I Didn’t Drown!

  1. Head over to my blog and see what colour my hair turned, dealing with the kids. They’re gone now, and the ‘platinum blonde’ that replaced my dark brown is now streaked with fuchsia and blue. Which is to say, accept and celebrate those well earned ‘greys’ that your kids give you! lol

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