I sat for an hour or so trying to write something I wrote almost one year ago this past month. AND then it hit me. Captured once was all that was needed. So as I sit in our rented home with the children fast asleep – wiped out from sun and surf, I share with you a post that is so very dear to me.

Central Jersey Working Moms

THIS POST ORIGINALLY APPEARED IN JUNE 2011 on NOTES ON THE STATE OF NEW JERSEY (NSNJ).  NSNJ is an online publication dedicated to keeping New Jersey’s history alive, while also preserving present-day New Jersey experiences for posterity. I have been given the privilege of writing for NSNJ and look forward to writing additional pieces in the months to come.

It’s a hot Saturday in July.  Both my brother and I are seated in the back of the tan 1984 four door Corolla,  flanking a large red cooler filled with meats from the local butcher purchased the night before.  Despite the lack of room, the cold cooler provides relief from the lack of air conditioning in the car and serves as a clever barrier to deter any sibling quarrels.  Under our feet are boxes of pots and pans and sheets and towels.  In the trunk, suitcases and trays of baked ziti and sausage…

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