Leaving my Parents in Charge

My parents raised two children – myself and my brother. They fed us. They bathed us. They even took us out to places.  And for all intents and purpose, I think they did a pretty terrific job in raising us to become the people we are today.

So why is it that I worry so much when I leave my parents in charge of my children?  When my parents indicate they are headed to the movies with the kids, fears of my kids choking consume me despite the fact that they successfully took my brother and I to the movies all the time.   When they suggest they take the kids food shopping with them, fears of them leaving the supermarket without them engulf me, despite the fact they never left my brother or I behind at any retail establishment.  Don’t even get me started on the idea of them driving with the children anywhere that requires them parking in a parking lot or crossing the street.  My parents successfully took us everywhere and anywhere without ever having a pedestrian accident.  Regardless of what or where they bring my children, sheer panic sets in the minute my parents take the children off my property.

Last week, I did what I thought I could never do – I left them in charge of my children for more than 24 hours.  And you know what?  My children were absolutely 100% fine.  Of course, I checked in several times and was respectfully asked by my oldest to, “Stop calling. We are ok!”

My mother once told me that worry would set in the minute I held my child and it would never cease regardless of who they are with or how old they become.   Yep….she was right!


2 thoughts on “Leaving my Parents in Charge

  1. I relate, although my journey’s been a little different! Leaving my son overnight with his grandma and great grandma for the first time was a huge ordeal . . . for me. For him? It was a blast!

    I only permitted that to happen around his second birthday, after my then-manager asked, “Who in this world do you think would be more devastated than you if something happened to that little guy?” He told me that if I was looking for excuses, I would always find them. I gave it some thought and realized he was right. It was so, so hard for me to sleep that night. I kept imagining nightmare scenarios. But it all went beautifully, with the same result the next time, and the time after that. I’m so glad my then-manager had that talk with me, because now I really enjoy an occasional night just with my honey. 🙂

    I’m glad everything went well for you and yours!

    • I am so thrilled I took the leap too. This was the first time we were an ocean away from the children and the idea that I could not jump in my car and drive home if needed, really made me nervous. But I took the leap and when I came home, the kids were happy and content and – of course – had a blast!

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